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Man, the producers are having way too much fun with testing the limits of what they can show now.

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So shes been naked this whole time and her black suit was just ash? Originally Posted by Jotaux. Originally Posted by derpkitteh.

Ashi / Daughters of Aku ~ Samurai Jack Rule 34 Collection

I love it how they went overboard. So, I thought I'd watch this before I watch the original seasons Damn is it dark.

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Last edited by Ashi x jack at With no progress to show for it. In a day and age where Cartoon Network frequently cashes in on old names by crapping out terrible shows carrying them cough The Powerpuff Girls, cough Teen Titans GoSamurai Jack is not clube sexy untouched by any of the reboot pitfalls, but what is new adds to the show rather than detracts ashi x jack it…for the asbi part.

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In fact, Jack becomes outright broken for much of the asgi. After years and years of severe torture and unbelievably abusive practices, the seven daughters proceed to find him.

One would think that with such a sshi, un-apologetically, sinister troupe, Aku himself may have had a personality change or something during the fifty years that passed. Aku is just as comical ashi x jack hilariously troll-like as he is in the original series.

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This is because of the fact that having Jack travel through time made him immune ashk aging, something Aku hoped would ashi x jack kill him.

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The game is similar tobut you must collect ashi x jack points Black Jack. Driving version of Black Jack: Move block to the empty cell, to receive the string with sum That was the worse part, I thought she and Jack and Ashi was gonna have a confrontation with her back in her Lair, I mean Jack deserves to face her shemale sex slave considering she is that dead hetaims on trying to kill Jack.

ashi x jack

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The confrontation was half baked though imo, too brief, too easy. Like the crap end-boss from a ashi x jack game. Apparently I'm in the minority in that I wasn't as fond of this episode.

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That's pretty much my feelings on the episode as well. Everything ashi x jack felt so out of character and rushed, which really jarred with the tone the rest of the season had set.

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On the bright side, there is ashi x jack hell of a flame war going down on Tumblr about everything right now, and I've got an extra big bag of marshmellows for the occasion. The salt only made this better.

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Maybe it's because I don't go to tumblr ever, but why? Why is this reaction a thing that exists?

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Jack and the Scotsman hooking up? The Scotsman is married.

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Literally the only person she knows is Jack. I just cannot see how these aehi could have seen a non-hetero relationship being possible here.

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Maybe they were hoping for hot scissoring action between Ashi and One or multiple of Scotsman's daughters? I don't care much about ships.

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