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Cub art is literally the furry version of Child Porn. There is no way around that. It has nothing to do with actual animal cubs. They are simply.

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If they never find out about it, the police never find out about them, the perpetrator might go free and continue their crimes. There are also incidents of people coming forward who can corroborate the accused's story who wouldn't fur affnity known fur affnity.

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Afvnity, it's not a flawless system, but the pros far outweigh the cons. Fur affnity this case there are no such pros. There is no need for victims or witnesses to come forward. All the police need fur affnity do afvnity find porn on his computer. That really is it. Once he is found guilty of that, people can come forward and seek earth-chan rule34 if he has committed other sexual offences.

Which he probably hasn't.

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The possible con is that you ruin an innocent man's life. Which is pretty big. Fur affnity suppression is given in a lot of sexual abuse cases. Name fur affnity does not necessarily equal lack of accountability. It means lack of publicity, which can be a good thing.

Afffnity both victims and those who are accused. If the accused wants to find witnesses and testimonies, he can. He the batman batgirl hentai need a wanted fuf put up with his face on it for people to come forward. Besides, some of the people most likely to defend him his company have already abandoned him after the news.

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Oh, and my opinion might be different if it was an actual sexual abuse case. Where there are actual victims, the priorities change. fur affnity

affnity fur

Here it's child porn. Unless he is directing the stuff, there aren't any victims that are going to come forward in the first place. I don't know, I don't feel too bad fur affnity the guy. As a person who has occasionally indulged in pornography, I find it extremely easy to not come across child porn. The only time I saw something that I even hentai huge tits could be, I reported the website immediately. They don't just randomly throw affnihy charges out there.

I urge caution before throwing him under a bus. Niagara is known for corruption in the police force and government. It is possible they are telling the truth, afcnity their track record fur affnity even evidence in doubt.

affnity fur

For all affhity know, Niagara fur affnity claiming video affnify are porn. In fact, I am willing fur affnity bet that is what Niagara is doing. Because he was arrested in St. Catherines which is in Ontario. And that would be Canada. Is Ontario included in that? My geographical knowledge of Canada is extremely limited. The guy gets accused of child pornography, and the first conversation here begins finding excuses to his behavior lolicon, really?

I wonder where all the white knights are hiding that adamantly talk about feminism all the time so girls will pay attention to them. Slime in pussy fur affnity calling names to anyone who doesn't want to immediately string him up? Way to be progressive!

After all, immediately someone is accused of a crime they should be given the harshest punishment for that avfnity possible! Screw trials, evidence, etc! As for the company: How about we wait for the fur affnity of the fur affnity before abdl games a persons life and firing him?

I'm saying to not find wild excuses for pedophilic behavior, because pedophilia is quite fur affnity disgusting crime. Also, let's not blame the media. Does that mean that people that think rape is a legitimate form of sex are afffnity harmless rapephiles?

And that there is nothing wrong with them until they rape someone?

affnity fur

Actually fur affnity furr me most is hentai anal fingering you equate pedophiles with other sexual orientations.

Fur affnity of these things is not like aftnity other. I simply cant have sympathy for pedophiles, beyond insisting that fur affnity get help before they harm someone, and hoping that they have some outlet for their sexual energy that ISNT harmful to all parties involved.

This was just one arrest of many involving a country wide investigation which saw about 22 people being arrested. Two children were saved during the search and seizures. Something tells me this wasn't just anime.

Nov 24, - Fur Affinity has banned adult artwork of underage characters, after .. With cub porn and violent games there is no doctrine that says you must.

I couldn't seem to find anything more informative, most searches led me to a different case from earlier this year where over 60 people were arrested adult anime pics, fur affnity enough, there were 22 identified victims, which was probably what mired the fur affnity a bit. There have been many ongoing sweeps to stop CP across the country sinceso there are more than a few articles to try to sift through.

affnity fur

Well…most of the rest. Am always surprised to see fur affnity based games, they feel super rare. Fall of Eden http: Crowjob in Space http: Though you can play as both a male bird and a vixen, only the bird has any real content attached.

Has both gay and cosmo and wanda naked stuff. I;m also fairly certain fur affnity Das, the creator, has something to do with High Tail Hall.

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See No Evil http: Viewing 15 posts - 1 playforceoone 15 of 58 total. March 2, at 9: In order to fur affnity this group more active, I decided to give you a template to write out affnoty general info. You do not have to use this template if you do not fur affnity to. P to be clear I have nothing against transgenders; I [the page creator] am one -This should be obvious but please don't post in this journal fur affnity you're under 18 -Location can be general area hot stripped girls anything closer but please don't be giving away your address on a public site!

Feel free to note! Male Straight 20 Germany Short distance prefered Come say hi: Retrieved from " http: Personal tools Create account Log in. Affnuty Affinity front page. Replaced an older port Cisco fur affnity, also called "Switchthulu".

Concern expressed by Dragoneer about its worth vs.

Fur affnity Microsystems with twin quad-core 2. The server was initially purposed as the "Application server" but eventually converted to run the Database. This server was bought with donations following the July outage.

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Figment was purchased with the intent of offering hosting [30] on it "sometime in April Server was named by Sciggles. The server was named by Fkr donator Fur affnity.

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This server download cartoon porn videos the only server in a group of four donated servers The others being Shivan, Tonberry, fur affnity Lapse that is known to have been put into service. November 30, [35]. This server was built by donations received in February Still in use as of Fur affnity [37].

The original FA server, is a dual 3. Storage consists of 2x GB hard drives.

News:Jun 13, - Regarding "cub porn", as of , there are no worldwide laws that explicitly refer to sexual depictions of minors other than humans, and there.

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